Alessio Bruschi

My sporting experience

My Golf Coaching

I have devoted my whole life to what I consider the most beautiful sport in the world: Golf.

Below are the most important steps in my career.

The beginnings
I was born in Florence on November 19th 1981, and my adventure as a golfer started at the age of eight, at Le Pavoniere Golf Club.
Italian National Team
From 1998 to 2003, I was a regular member of the Italian National Team, winning 11 national golf tournaments.
Absolute Italian Amateur Champion

I was Absolute Italian Amateur Champion in 2002, representing Italy at the European Championships in 2002 and 2003.


I became a Pro in 2004, and I have been part of the Italian professional team from 2004 to 2012. I won the Gösser Open and entered the top ten for 23 times in the Alps Tour Circuit. Over those years, I played about 130 tournaments within the European Challenge Tour and about 30 tournaments in the main European circuit, obtaining positive results and confronting some of the best players in the world.

Italian Absolute and PGA Championship

In 2013, I won the Italian Championship and the Italian PGA Championship. Over the years, I have collaborated with some of the greatest European coaches both in the long game and in the putting: Phillippe Allain, Philip Kenion, Harold Swash, Sergio Bertaina and Massimo Scarpa.

Golf Coach

In 2015, I started to get interested in teaching golf, in order to put my knowledge at the disposal of anyone who seeks to learn the basics of a sport I have been so dedicated to, and which has given me a lot in return. I completed the “Dr Kwon’s Golf Biomechanical Instructor Training Program” which took place in Gmunden, Austria.

PGA Show Orlando

In January 2017 and 2018, I took part in the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, where I attended innovative seminars and courses not just on golf techniques, but also on everything related to the world of this wonderful sport. On these occasions, I visited one of the best golf schools, the Jim McLean Golf Academy, where I was lucky enough to witness their coaching methods with my own eyes.

Golf Coaching Pro

In the spring of 2017, I obtained certifications for the use of the most sophisticated and precise swing analysis systems (FligthScope radar and Smart 2 Move strength platform); in addition, I have followed sports coaching courses with one of the greatest coaches in the business, Tim Gallwey.

I was coach of the Regional Youth Team in 2016/17, and I am currently training some of the best boys and girls from Tuscany who joined my working group: in 2017, we won the Toscana Vs Veneto tournament.

NLP Italy Coaching School

My training path at the NLP Italy Coaching School allowed me to integrate my experience as a professional golf player with crucial skills in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching.

Alessio Bruschi: the best results

Alessio Bruschi: the best results

1st place

Absolute National Championship
Royal Golf Club La Bagnaia, November 2013

1st place

National Professional Championship
San Domenico Golf Club, November 2013

1st place

Gösser Open (Alps Tour)
Maria Lankowitz Golf Club, May 2004

2nd place

Thomas Bjorn Open (Challenge Tour)
Odense Golf Club, May 2006

24th place

Telecom Italia Open (European Tour)
Castle of Tolcinasco Golf Club, May 2006

2nd place

Asiago Open (Alps Tour)
Golf Club Asiago, June 2014

3rd place

Gösser Open (Alps Tour)
Maria Lankowitz Golf club, May 2014

4th place

Colli Berici Open (Alps Tour)
Colli Berici Golf Club, June 2014