Young PROs grow up

Young PROs grow up

I would like to reserve a special place for all the boys and girls who wish to embark on a competitive or professional Golf path.

I believe that tackling this sport at a competitive level is a huge school of life that can teach you a lot about how to best deal with everyday problems. For those athletes who want to turn their passion for Golf into a proper job, one of the greatest difficulties is the fact that they must soon become “entrepreneurs of themselves”, especially here in Italy. Therefore, the athlete must be able to manage him/herself at best. I would like to analyse this concept a little better.

To manage their own time, energy and resources can turn out to be really difficult for young athletes who step into professionalism. Moreover, unlike other sports, one must learn to set its own rules independently. While this may seem very nice and “comfortable”, on the other hand it could turn into a double-edged sword, since in Golf what you harvest is exactly what you sow, and it would be really complicated to achieve competitive performances without a proper scheduling.

Quality training in Golf

The word “professionalism” carries with it one of the keys to success. Just like in any other profession, you have to devote body and soul to quality training, which should cover every aspect: long game, short game, playing on the course along with athletic and mental preparation … These skills require organization, commitment and discipline.
On top of that, there is one important aspect that I have wrongly underestimated too many times: rest.
Resting is essential if we wish to tackle “working days” at our best: you need true rest, when you pull the plug and take your mind away from the golf course, to switch to other things you like to do. This is the only way to recharge our batteries avoiding the risk of “burnouts”, or you could “run out of gas” right on the golf course.

The ideal week of a Tournament Player

In my opinion, the ideal week should include five days of intense and serious training, a true Pro routine, alternated with leisure days dedicated to ourselves.
Before we say goodbye, I would like to quote a post I posted on Facebook two years ago, right at the end of my tournament player career:

“Almost every morning, I think of the same thing as soon as I get up… When I started my adventure as a professional player and I used to go for 3-4 days a month to train in Turin with Sergio Bertaina, I spent whole days training with Edoardo and Francesco Molinari, and we hit thousands of balls together… They really reached up to top levels, whereas unfortunately, between highs and lows, I kept struggling more and more… but here is the point: in the end, I sleep peacefully, because I know I have done my best. I had no control over the rest”.

Alessio Bruschi on Facebook

In the next articles, I will talk about the importance of setting goals for ourselves: only with a specific purpose you will be able to stay focused on your work, because one fundamental thing to understand is that … the goal itself attracts you towards it!

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