GOLF: an easy sport

GOLF: an easy sport

There is a strong relationship between golf and all other sports: for this reason, practicing any kind of sport since their early childhood is fundamental to those who want to become professional players.
The key word to achieve a correct athletic gesture is coordination.

It is a huge limit to believe that those who play golf should not do other sports in order not to “ruin” their gestures: on the contrary, dealing with other movements can favour abilities that will remain forever in the DNA of a young player.

At the amateur level, I would not say that golf should be considered a difficult game: let’s try to compare it to other sports where the difficulties, in my opinion, are much higher.

Tennis: in tennis, you have to run up and down a rectangle chasing a ball that will most likely end up remaining in the field, in search of a line to brush.
Baseball: in baseball (a sport that I’ve never practiced) you have a pitcher in front of you, usually a big guy with bursting biceps, who throws a ball straight in your face with all of his strength; you have to hit it on the fly and run away like crazy right away.

These are nothing but a couple of examples of what awaits us outside of golf courses, but try to think of other sports: artistic gymnastics, ice skating, triathlon… I think these are sports in which it could be extremely difficult to become truly competitive.
But let’s go back to Golf.
What is certain is that if we want to learn the art of golf, we must follow a simple yet precise path, and be guided in an optimal way.
Under my point of view, every golfer of any level has his own language, which implies a different way for me to transmit my knowledge, according to who stands in front of me.
Depending on the player’s skills, it will be crucial to focus only on certain aspects and only on certain parts of the body. It would absolutely counterproductive to try and teach everyone the same things with equal argumentations, more so if such reasons are long-outdated.
Golf has evolved… so what are you waiting for?

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