Golf e DNA

Golf e DNA

At the end of my career, after reflecting on my experiences and having met with the best Coaches worldwide, I would like to share with you what I call “my DNA theory”.

Everyone can obtain good results by taking advantage of one’s own skills, without having to go against their own nature or trying to become something different.
What kind of player are you? Do you prefer a draw or a fade? What are your talents? To Lay-up or to aim straight to the Green?

In order to optimize your game, you surely need to have different talents, yet you should hold on to your own characteristics, with no need for sudden revolutions in search of something that is not within your nature.
The risks is really great here: waste of time, or even worse, waste of talent.

The key is not to distort your personal qualities but to support them: to improve where you are lacking the most, without trying to change your DNA.

I created a “Decalogue of talents” dividing them into two groups:

With the club:
1- Power
2- Accuracy
3- Wedge Game (50 mt-100 mt)
4- Recovery (approaches and bunkers)
5- Putt

Without the club:
6- Pressure Management
7- Field Management
8- Time Management
9- Work Attitude (quality)
10- Athletic Training

To maximize the game and become a successful golfer, you must be strong in at least three areas in both sectors.
But the real strength will be to gradually improve your most deficient areas without ever distorting your strengths.

Do you want to delve deeper into my DNA theory? I have no doubt about it! So… #DiscoverGolf

#ScopriIlGolf #ScopriIlGolf #ScopriIlGolf… of course, with Alessio Bruschi!!!
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