Golf Fundamentals, part 1: the Grip

Golf Fundamentals, part 1: the Grip

The game’s fundamentals: Grip

I would like to introduce the technical topics that I will discuss in this blog starting from the fundamentals of the game: grip and stance above the ball. These are the foundations, the basics of the game without which it would really be difficult to build a solid swing.

An example that I like to make is to think of a huge field where there are 500 players, including five “undercover pros”: as you walk along, it would be very easy to identify them immediately, only by looking at their grip and address. Indeed, if everyone had a correct grip and position in front of the ball, it would surely be a world of better golfers!

Let me explain for a moment what I mean by “correct”: it would be a huge mistake to think that we should all position ourselves in the same way… this is absolutely wrong! Instead, we should start by understanding that we are all made differently (the length of arms compared to our height, the rotation of our shoulders and forearms, possible injuries and so on); therefore, as long as we stay within certain ranges, each one of us will have his own specific, natural position on which to work.

What if this does not happen? Surely, you would be experiencing huge difficulties to achieve a productive and consistent swing and ball flight.

Let’s start from the grip.

By Grip, I mean the position of the hands on the club, which must guarantee two things: being able to bring the straight side of the club (“square” as they say in technical jargon) to impact the ball and generate a good speed.
We could talk about the grip for entire days, but I will reveal just a couple of tricks here… For the rest, I look forward to see you at my lessons, or you can contact me and follow my online coaching programme.

First thing to understand: the club must rest in the line of the fingers of the left hand (the right hand for a left-handed player), between the first phalanx of the little finger and the second phalanx of the index. If you have never attended an anatomy course, here is a very simple example: when you go shopping, try to raise a bag with your left hand without thinking, and look where it rests… A club held too tightly in the palm of your hand does not guarantee a correct wrist action during the movement, causing shots that are both weak and oriented to the right.

Traveling the world, and talking to some of the most important coaches, I “stole” many things with my eyes, and eventually came up with my own idea on how to find the correct position, which is specific to each person.

Always talking about grip, I want to ask you a question: how important is the pressure of the hands?

The answer lies in the following pressure scale, ranging from 1 to 10:
10 it is not possible to play golf
9 it is not possible to play golf
8 it is not possible to play golf
7 Almost there (especially if playing in a rough with tall grass)
6/5 Optimal pressure
4/3 Good for woods and drives
2 it is not possible to play golf
1 it is not possible to play golf

To identify the correct points on which to apply the right finger pressure, I look forward to see you at my lessons. But first, let me repeat one concept: the grip is perhaps the most important fundamental in golf, because your point of contact with the club has the strongest influence on how the surface will come to the impact. One last thing before saying goodbye: remember that once you know how to do it, then it will be really simple to put your hands on the club in the right way…

That’s it for today, I’m going to say goodbye and remember…

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