Golf Fundamentals, part 2: Position

Golf Fundamentals, part 2: Position

How to position the body in front of the ball

Hello! Did I intrigue you? After talking about how to place your hands on the club, let’s move on to understand how to position your body in front of the ball.
I like to think of golf as a real sport, therefore each gesture must start from an athletic stance: a football goalkeeper ready to save a penalty could be a good comparison. “Ready”, in fact, means that the body is relaxed, yet present and putting a slight pressure onto the ground.

For a normal stroke, the pressure of the feet must be equally distributed both between right and left and between toe and heel. Speaking of toes, here’s a tip: I like to encourage people with little mobility and difficulty in turning to play with the tips of their feet slightly “duck-footed.”
Now that we are well balanced, in a proper scholastic way, we are going to bend our backbone starting from the hips, yet without bending the back too much. At this point, your arms and hands will naturally fall under your shoulders, your knees will be slightly loose, and you’re done!

How to practice:

One of my favoured exercises to find the correct position is to dribble with a basketball, then remove the ball all of a sudden: that is the best position to be ready and responsive.
Another couple of considerations: the position is subjective and the bending range of the spine depends on the length of your arms; the longer the arms, the more the backbone will be in an upright position, producing a rotation of the shoulders on a flat plane. Vice versa, for those with shorter arms, the spine will bend a little more and the shoulders will rotate more on a vertical plane. Going against your body can cause a discontinuous game, and it might cause injuries in the long run.

Position is variable!

This basic position will then vary depending on the club and the type of stroke we want to perform. Do you know why? Did you understand that?
I will try to explain it this way: if I were to walk in the middle of a practice course, the stance of the player above the ball would already allow me to understand what kind of shot he wants to make. Do you think it would be easy to fire off a drive with the stance of an 8-iron chipping? Oddly enough, if we were to position ourselves in the same way for each stroke, with the same feet width, at the same distance from the ball, with the ball always in the same point with respect to the feet, with the weight always distributed equally, an so on, then we should have a multitude of different swings “in our bag”. Instead, by changing the initial stance, we can keep the same idea of ​​swing and play with all the clubs without concerns, managing all the types of shots that the field requires.
In the next articles, we will get to see the details of the swing and more. For any information or question, feel free to contact me, or discover my online coaching. And remember: this blog is entirely dedicated to you!

Do you want to learn how to handle all situations and move the ball to your liking? High ball, low ball, uphill, downhill, fade, draw, these will no longer be secrets … I look forward to see you!

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